mmdf, not local host error

mmdf, not local host error

Post by Doug Satterfiel » Thu, 09 Nov 2000 04:00:00

SCO OS 5.05a, 600a, 497c, mmdf
PPP 56K dialup connection, dynamic IP.

I have a mail server that has worked very well for months until my account's
ISP changed the authentication for the SMTP server to try to stop spammers.
My mmdf bad users and hosts is set to deliver mail to their server.  When my
server attempts to deliver mail, it attaches fine, gets hello from SMTP and

error: "550 not local host, not a gateway, unknown address,
cannot deliver, returned.  Problem address ending, no valid addresses"  My
bad hosts and users have not changed, only their authentication.

The mail is returned.  The ISP said, Go into Outlook Express, Accounts,
Outgoing Mail server and Check "My server requires authentication"  He also
said, "I don't know anything about unix"

Will the people who do know something about Unix please give me a clue as to
how I might get around this problem?  If I had a static IP he could allow me
in but since I am using a dialup PPP connection (from Tony Lawrence) we
cannot go this route.  Any ideas appreciated.



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We have configured a standalone SCO Unix box which connects to the
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We use MMDF as the MTA.  We can send email to anywhere else except ourselves.
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the Solaris box is located), it always complained about "host name lookup

Could someone point out the problem for us?  Thanks in advance.


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