System-wide paths (OS5) ??

System-wide paths (OS5) ??

Post by Bill Campbe » Thu, 13 Jun 1996 04:00:00

: This is perhaps a silly question, but anyway:
: Where should I add extra-paths (as default) for *ALL* users?

Every script that I write sources /usr/bin/csspath (/usr/bin/
for perl scripts) which I use to set up system wide environment variables
such as PATH, TERMCAP, TERMINFO, or whatever seems appropriate.  csspath
has enough environment so that things like cron jobs will run without
dying (it sets TERM if it isn't already defined as some things that
one might run in cron will die if they don't have a proper TERM set).
Samples are available in the /pub/lbin directory on
Incidentally /usr/bin/ is created by running our shtoperl
script on /usr/bin/csspath.

Both /bin/sh and /bin/ksh source /etc/profile on login.  On systems we
maintain, I add a line at the end of /etc/profile to source additional
modifications that we like:
    [ -x /etc/profile.css ] && . /etc/profile.css

The /etc/profile.css uses '. /usr/bin/csspath' to set the PATH.


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I'm a newbie to Sun Solaris 7.

Can anyone tell how OS read login script files?  I knew that in each
user directory, each user has its own login scripts,
like .profile, .login, and .cshrc.  How about the global one?  For
example, I have installed netscape, and I want to put the path into a
global login script file so that every user on the station can use
Netscape without adding the path to their own .profile/.cshrc file.
Where should I put it?  Or I should ask where is the global login
script file located?


Ricky :-)

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