Mapping a drive letter from Windows 95/98/NT to SCO Unix Directory

Mapping a drive letter from Windows 95/98/NT to SCO Unix Directory

Post by Tom Parson » Thu, 06 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Hasmukh Daji enscribed:
| Hi,
| I would like to find out how to map a specific
| drive letter to e.g. /usr/mydir on SCO Unix.
| The SCO Unix and Windows 95/98/NT wkstn. is
| connected to the LAN using TCP/IP.

The answer would be easy if you would post sufficient information.
SCO Unix consists of more than 12 products over the past 9 years.
Obviously which one you have just might make a difference.

VisionFS is included with 5.0.4 at no extra cost.  Takes about
3-4 minutes to configure the Unix side, the msdos side depends
on how cooperative the win box is.



1. How can I map a drive letter from 95/NT to SCO Unix directory?

Arthur Emerson III enscribed:

| >
| > I need some help to find a way to map a DOS
| > drive letter in the range of F:-Z: to a
| > specific directory on the SCO Unix server.
| >
| > e.g MAP E: /usr/mydir (Not the exact syntax!)
| >
| > I am not sure if it is as easy as it sounds.
| > BTW both the Unix server and the Windows
| > wkstns. are connected over the LAN using
| > TCP/IP.
| Nothing is ever as easy as it sounds.  Your choices as I see them are to
| either get an NFS package for each PC you will use to connect to the UNIX
| system, or else install SAMBA on the UNIX system and let it pretend to be
| an NT server to the other PC's via their native SMB protocol over TCP/IP.
| Having done this both ways, I would suggest SAMBA.  It's free for the
| porting, and works reliably. has info.
| Also, SCO has (had?) some SMB tools out at one time, which may be worth
| investigating.....

Are you serious?  VisionFS is discussed almost everyday.


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