NIS yppasswd problem

NIS yppasswd problem

Post by Qian Guo » Thu, 31 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I linked two UnixWare systems with NIS servive. One is master server,
another is client. When I use yppasswd to change the NIS password,
the server machine works but the client doesn't. I mean, I can use the
new password to login server, but client machine only accepted the old

Any tips or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


1. NIS yppasswd problem

 I can not change password using both passwd and yppasswd command. The error
is as follows:

Changing NIS password for testusr
Old NIS password:
3004-604 Your entry does not match the old password.
yppasswd: 1831-155 could not change passwd

 This is strange, acccording to IBM docs yppasswd should first ask for both
old and new password, then send both to server - so I should be getting error
only after typing in new passwd. Besides I know I'm typing it in correctly.
What gives?  Any clues are greatly apreciated.

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