Exabyte 4200C DAT Errors

Exabyte 4200C DAT Errors

Post by Jimmy D. Port » Fri, 28 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I installed an Exabyte 4200C internal Dat drive on a BusTech
BT542 SCSI card.  When I try to access the drive I get the errors
below.  The drive is identified by the BusTech card before boot.

Host Adaptor set to  as 11 5 330H.
SCO Unix 4.2  with ide hard drive.

Notice Stp error on SCSI tape1 (ha0 id4 lun0)  \
Illegal request: Parameter Length error

Notice STP ex_Stp_setbsize - Exabyte initilazation   \
failed on SCSI tape1 46/1 (ha0 id4 lun0)

Tried installing as a SCSI DAT drive and as Exabyte SCSI drive
with same results.  Tried another card (same model) but results
were the same.  Can connect Wangtech 525M to the card and it
works ok.    

Anybody have any ideas what I could do next?


--Macon, GA             ComputerLogic, Inc.  1-800-933-6564 ext 370


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 Well I have just about got my system set up the way I want it now its time
for a backup, so tell me is the exabyte 4200c compatible with solaris 2.4 or
have I made yet another bad choice in hardware :). If so could someone
enlighten me on the installation of this animal. I have a sparc IPX. I also
have networker for solaris don't know if it works with it either, sorry if
this is in some FAQ somewher (If it is I didn't see it).


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