SCO Technical Articles released on 971024

SCO Technical Articles released on 971024

Post by RadleyRob » Sun, 26 Oct 1997 04:00:00

The following problems are addressed in Technical Articles that appeared on
SCO's web site on 971024.

Some of these TAs are new, others are revisions of prior versions.

PROBLEM:  The kernel memory statistics reported by sar(1M) and rtpm(1M)
          can be corrupted, causing huge, or even negative numbers of
          buffers to be reported.  Also, the kma pools are only shrunk
          every 30 seconds.  This can cause an unnecessary shortage of
          Kernel Memory Buffers, resulting in poor system performance.

PROBLEM:  When I log in to a remote SCO Shell user using ftp(C) I get
          a "Login failed permission denied" error, or when logging
          in as a user running a restricted shell (rsh) I get "access
          denied, login failed".