CDMT, can't find tclx_unknown2 on auto_path

CDMT, can't find tclx_unknown2 on auto_path

Post by Hoang Ph » Wed, 12 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I have a problem of running an example of Custom Distribution Mastering
Toolkit, CDMT, it just produced this error:

        can't find tclx_unknown2 on auto_path

I don't really know exactly what it means?.

Has any one experienced such an error when using SCO CDMT. This is my fisrt
experiment of using this tool. The example I ran is located in

Hoang Pham


1. CDMT, tclx_unknown2 on auto_path

Does any one know when I run cdmt, Custom Distribution Mastering Toolkit, from
SCO development package, will produce this error:
        tclx_unknow2 on auto_path
Even though I have run the example provided by SCO, but still, this error is
still produced.

Did I do or not set up anything correctly?.

Hoang Pham

PS: Please mail me, as I hardly access the News group, Thanks

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