sco backup vendor contacts

sco backup vendor contacts

Post by The Develope » Fri, 22 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hi Net,

there was a recent posting of 4 - 5 sco data backup vendors and their
contact numbers. could someone repost? a company in mexico would
like options.

thanks in advance, jackc...



1. Vendor Security Contacts

I am trying to develope a list of security coordinators for the purpose
of providing the information to administrator to allow them to
easily get the newest patch information.  

Many security holes are in existance and most Unix vendors will not
call the customers to let them know they are vulnerable.  I want to
make a list of vendors and how to contact them for 2 reasons.

1. Reason would be to warn the vendor of a found security hole.
2. Reason would be to get patches from the vendor for security hole.

If you know a vendor, please email me their postal address, phone number,
and e-mail for getting in touch with the security engineers at that vendor

In a few weeks, Ill put together the list and repost it so anyone can get
it and use it.  This list will hopefully provide an easy method of getting
in touch with security engineers at different vendors.  Especially for
admins of sites with various Unix platforms.

Thank you,

Christopher Klaus


2209 Summit Place Drive,Dunwoody, GA 30350-2430. (404)206-1513.

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