Merge cannot read floppies

Merge cannot read floppies

Post by Greg Wilki » Fri, 19 Sep 1997 04:00:00

>we encountered a problem with a freshly installed ODT 5.0.2 and Merge.
>Under DOS it is not possible to read/write floppies while under UNIX
>has no such problems (dosdir, doscp). tests with patchflop didn't
>show any improvement.
>Hardware and software configuration is as follows:
>Mostron PC, Cyrix P150+ on Asus P55TVL-Board IDE, 32 MB of RAM,
>Adaptec 2940 SCSI Controller PCI, PCI-Graphics (S3-somewhat) and
>3com 3c9xx network adaptor.
>Installed software persists of SCO Open Server Enterprise System 5.0.2c,
>Merge 3.2.2t, Development System 5.0.2b, Wabi 2.0.1d, Advanced Hardware
>Supplement 5.2.0c and Etherlink XL PCI-driver (2.0.0d).

If I'm not mistaken, there is a "patch floppy" command of some sort
that you have to tell it what kind of processor you have.  Something
that one of the boys at SCO told me (while using 3.2v4.2) that the
faster processors did not work correctly with floppy drives and merge.
The programs are located under /usr/lib/merge

I belive it is patchflop -p tells you what yours is currently set to,
and I think it is patchflop [Mhz] to set it correctly.

There was a SSL on sco's home page that addressed this issue a while
back.  Search for patchflop on their support page.
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