Conner Tape Drive

Conner Tape Drive

Post by MikeThr » Fri, 02 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I have a conner 850MB Parallel Port Tape drive.  I also have a need to
move some data files from a SCO UNIX 3.2 box to a Win95 box.  I have
software for the Win95 side.  Does anyone know where I can get some
software that will run on the UNIX box that will write to this tape drive.
 It uses QIC80 tape format.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated,
Mike Threlkeld


1. FTAPE & Conner Tape Drive Problem...

I have been using FTAPE and my Conner Tape Drive for quite some
time with little or no problems.  But there are a few things that
bother me that I would like to fix.

1)  When I back up files using /dev/nrft0, the drive light stays
on after the files are done being written to tape.  It seems as
though it is dependent upon how big the file is that is written,
i.e., the larger the file, the more likely it is that the drive
light will stay on after the files are written.  This DOES NOT
happen if I use /dev/rft0.

2) I use afio to backup my files.  If I CNTL-C during the writing
of files to the drive (let's say I forgot the -v option, and REALLY
wanted it) it stops just peachy.  But if I try and write to the
drive again after that (after rewinding, etc.) afio streams tons
of 'I/O errors' off the screen.  In order to write files to the tape
I either need to 1) remove the tape and put it back in, or 2) erase
the tape.  Again, this only happens when I use /dev/rft0, and not
when I use /dev/rft0.

Both of these problems would be really nice to fix, if anyone has
any helpful insight to this problem, please post for all to see.
I am using kernel 1.2.8 and ftape 2.03b (Not sure about the ftape
version, but I think it's correct).


University of Wisconsin at Madison - College of Engineering
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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