Problems while booting under SCO OS 5.0

Problems while booting under SCO OS 5.0

Post by Joseph Wisd » Thu, 16 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I've never had this problem until recently.  Environment is an Award
BIOS, Plug and Play PCI bus, Pentium 120, Symbios (nee' NCR) SCSI adaptor
with a 53c810 chip.

I can start the computer up normally, the boot prompt for SCO OS 5 appears.
The boot screen appears normally, detects the %adapter to on vector 7 dma
0 (which was autoconfigured by the PCI PnP bus...there's no currently
configured printer port), detects a %tape drive on ha=0 id=2 bus=0
ht=slha, but then gets 'stuck' at the letter  G  in the boot screen.

It then starts displaying messages like this:

WARNING:  psimq timeToDie=60 for rp=C0144F00 on ha=0 id=0 lun=0 tag=00
   CDB= 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

{this message repeats three more times, except that timeToDie is 120,
 then 180 and then 240.  With timeToDie=240, CDB has an initial number of
 25, not 00, but the rest remain as 00 ...}

NOTICE: Sdsk: MODESENSE writing SCSI disk 0 dev 45/0 (ha=0 id=0 lun=0)

WARNING: hd: no root disk controller
H iinit
PANIC: srmountfun - Error 19 mounting rootdev  (1/42)
Trying to dump 8095 pages to dumpdev (1/41) at block 0, 102 pages per '.'
Error 19 opening dumpdev (1/41)

Dump not completed

{ok to shut off/reboot message}

It is acting like it cannot access the hard drive, yet how was it able to
boot?  The hd is set to device 0.  It's recognized when the computer
boots up (shows ID, make/model)  (fyi, HD is Quantum Fireball 1080).

Any assistance on this matter would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.




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The machine has 64 MB and a RAID 5 subsystem with 6 - 4GB Disks and a 3com
3c905 Fast Ethernet card installed with 4 PENTIUM 166 MHz.

Everytime we try to rcp or rlogin we receive a "WARNING: ip: spinning on
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power down the machine.

We found on the SCO web that this particular problem with Corollary system
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Thank You very much.

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