scologin problem

scologin problem

Post by Mark Howe » Wed, 21 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I'm having a problem with scologin on Open Desktop 3.
Specifically, the login hangs when trying to open the display.
I recall seeing another article about this problem...but
have not seen a reply.  Any suggestions?

Mark Howell
Gonzaga College High School
Washington, DC
202-336-7164 (Fax)


1. SCOlogin problem on 5.0.x

I have two clients running 5.0.0, with updates installed. Both lost
Graphical SCOlogin after a system crash.

We get a normal graphical Login screen on tty02. After entering login
and password, screen hangs, but mouse pointer shows X and moves
normally. We even upgraded one of the systems to 5.0.4 w/r504c update,
still no luck.  Also, when checking "who" is logged in, it shows the
user on tty02.  

Any suggestions??

Rod Schlingerman CET,
General Manager
ESI Computer, a division of Electra-Sound, Inc.
2887 Silver Drive
Columbus, OH  43211-1052
PH:   (614) 784-8200
FAX: (614) 784-8201

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