IBM ThinkPad 760CD SCO UNIX installation problems

IBM ThinkPad 760CD SCO UNIX installation problems

Post by JohnGal » Wed, 26 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I would appreciate any help from anyone who has tried (or succeeded in)
installing SCO 3.2V4.21 on an IBM ThinkPad.  It seems to lock up while
making the file system.  I'm trying to use System Commander and run
several OS's, starting with a clean HD.

Thanks in advance.



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Hello, everyone !

I know it sounds crazy but I am trying to install Solaris x86 (version
2.6) on IBM Thinkpad model 760CD.  Why?  It is very easy to swap
harddrives in Thinkpad and it is fairly light to carry.  Therefore,
anything can be accomplished with 1 Thinkpad and several harddrives with
different operating systems.

Unfortunately laptop can have either CD-ROM or floppy drive installed at
one particular time and it doesn't boot from CD-ROM.  When, I boot from
floppy (installing either Solaris 2.6 or Linux) the OS recognizes the
hardware installed.  And guess what ? It doesn't see the CD-ROM.
Therefore boot cdrom doesn't work.

I am pretty sure that it is possible to add the hardware device
manually.  Solaris 2.6 has this option.  The problem is to address
cd-rom properly in regards to interrupt, irq and so forth.  I will play
with that myself, however, I would like to know whether anyone has done
that before ?

I would greatly appreciate any suggestion.



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