OSE 5.0.0 and OSS449F/OSS468A, Kernel Link/Symbol Errors

OSE 5.0.0 and OSS449F/OSS468A, Kernel Link/Symbol Errors

Post by Robert Weine » Wed, 26 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I have tried multiple times to get OSS449F to load under OSE 5.0.0.  This
weekend I attempted it again and I also tried to load OSS468A.  While
OSS448E works fine, the following are the results when trying to load the
above patches:


a) Kernel Link Failed: Unresolved Symbols in the "str" driver:
        mblk_pool_size, mblk_pool_release, mblk_pool_mem

b) I noticed that these symbols were in the Space.c file (upper case
   'S') in the /opt/K/ tree and not in the /etc/conf/pack.d/space.c file.
   So I tried copying /opt/K/SCO/Unix/5.0.0Cl/etc/conf/pack.d/str/Space.c
   to /etc/conf/pack.d/str/space.c.

c) With the copy in (b) performed, the kernel linked successfully.

d) After a reboot, just about every networking service generated
   "Protocol not available" errors to syslog.  Examples:

   portmap[390]: svctcp_create - cannot getsockname or listen: Protocol
        not available
   named[419]: listen(vs, 5): Protocol not available
   sendmail[492]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root): opendaemonsocket: cannot listen:
        Protocol not available

   Strangely enough, ftp/telnet/ping to other systems were OK, no inbound
   local service was operating.

e) I backed out these changes and went back to OSS449E and all is
   working again now.

f) Along the way (backing it out), there was an error replacing the
   OSS449F /shlib/protlib_s with the OSS449E version- leaving the
   OSS449F version in there although ALL portions of OSS449F showed
   removed.  I believe this error generated some Kernel panics the
   first time networking started up in multiuser mode.  The panic
   appeared to go away once the OSS449E version was restored again.

g) A note concerning OSS449E: I reported to SCO (a while back) that I was
   experiencing a hang in RLOGIN just about every time I hit ^C (INTR).
   While I never heard back from SCO that there was a fix out there...
   The OSS449F release notes do indicate a potential fix to this problem
   and to others I am experiencing.  That's why I'm trying to get
   OSS449F up, rather than staying at OSS449E.


a) The UNIX portion of this patch "Had nothing to load", perhaps since no

b) The TCP portion of this patch generated a kernel link error on the
   Symbol: ip_spinreport.

c) The NFS portion of this patch loaded successfully.

d) Given the errors in this patch and with OSS449F, I did back the entire
   patch out.

Custom Errors:

Note that it appears that custom (scoadmin software) often does not clean
up the installed patches when it gets kernel link errors.  I used the
CAncel option as well as the IGnore option when prompted.  Most times I
had to manually unroll all the individual pieces of the patches after


- Has anyone been able to load these patches successfully under 5.0.0?
- Does anyone know what is the cause of these problems?
- Is there another fix to the "Hit INTR and rlogin hangs" problem
  with OSS449E?  (ie. find a different version of rlogin?)

System Details:

The list of installed patches to the SCO TCP/IP subsystem as seen in Patch
Rollback are:

Level Patch
 *5  OSS449E:TCP  Network Performance SLS
  4  TCP Component of SCO Internet Supplement for OpenServer 5.0
  3  TCP/IP component of Internet Supplement
  2  TCP/IP Version 2.0.0: Networking Supplement Release 1.0
  1  TCP/IP Version 2.0.0 Release Supplement

System Specifics: SCO Release 3.2v5.0.0 (KernelID 95/08/08):
 sco5.0.0, devsys, merge 3.2.1f, rs 5.0.0d, net 100, ahs 5.1, oss408a,
 oss409a, oss415a, oss416a, oss422a, ahs 5.2, oss430a, oss434a, oss436a,
 rs25c, rs39a, oss414a, oss437a, oss438a, oss441a, oss424a, tuneup 6.0.0g,
 oss449a, oss443a, oss448a, afps 3.5.2n, arcserve 2.2.0f, netscape 3.0.1c,
 smc sme0 v1.24 lli 3.4, eqnx 3.30, oss452a, oss456b, oss465a, arcserve
 2.2.0 maint sup 1.0.0, intel pro/100b v5.0.4e, alad 325 d2.11, rs40b,
 oss465b, oss470a, oss473a, app477a, oss449e

Thanks in advance!

Robert Weiner / Programming Plus        Hardware & Software Consulting