FW: POP3 Server Trouble

FW: POP3 Server Trouble

Post by Mark L. Wis » Wed, 10 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I believe that you might need to install the PC Enterprise server software.
PCIPOP is the POP3 server installed during PC Enterprise installation.

Hope this helps.

Mark L. Wise
Alpha II Service, Inc.
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Subject: POP3 Server Trouble

Using SCO 5.0.4 Cannot connect to the POP server from win98 machines in my
Get the error message:

<27>Jun  9 16:21:10 inetd[17113]: execv /usr/pci/bin/pcipop: No such file or

File pcipop does not exist on this server
Did check and all the files for the PC-Unix connectivity have been

Thank you.


1. FW: FW: Win98 and POP3 mail services

I finally got this to work!!!!

The secret is when I installed Outlook 98 I installed support only for
Internet mail access.... (Stupid me, that's all I wanted...)  I installed
support for MicroSoft Mail servers AND Internet mail and voila... now
Internet mail only reads all mail messages, internal and external correctly.

Thanks to all who tried to help and I hope this helps anyone else in this

BTW, POP3 or IMAP on the SCO server side worked identically.... no SCO
problem here  :)

Mark L. Wise
Alpha II Service, Inc.
614 868 5033 (Voice)
614 868 1060 (Fax)

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