New or Revised TAs on websco, 970910

New or Revised TAs on websco, 970910

Post by RadleyRob » Sat, 13 Sep 1997 04:00:00

The following problems are addressed in Technical Articles that appeared on
SCO's web site on 970910.

Some of these TAs are new, others are revisions of prior versions.

PROBLEM:  SCO ARCserve is exhibiting one of the three problems listed below:

          1. The ARCserve database keeps on shutting down and one of the logs
             may return the error message:

            e1004 failed connect to client agent on 19240.15 connection refused.  
          A tape record was not added to the database.

          2. When booting up, I get the following error message:        

            RAIMA data manager systems error 904, unable to allocate sufficient             memory errno=0: unknown error

          3. When attempting to start arc (astart) it seems to start, and then

PROBLEM:  After installing a system with SCO UnixWare, I appear to be
          seeing odd problems with the reported system hardware configuration.
          The dcu(1M) utility, does not appear to be reporting the
          configuration I expect it to.

          The root of the problem appears to lie with the date stamp on
          the resource manager information file.

          There are two resource manager (resmgr) databases to consider.
          The first of these is the "in-core" resmgr file; the second
          is the /stand/resmgr file. The "in-core" resmgr file is held
          in memory; the /stand/resmgr file is located on the hard disk
          in the /stand filesystem.

          During system installation, the "in-core" resmgr file is updated
          with the appropriate information regarding the hardware
          configuration of the system you are installing. This will include
          information entered on the mouse, video and network card
          configuration (among other things), all of which are set up by
          the post-install scripts; that is, the scripts run after you
          are prompted to reboot your system during the final stages of
          the installation process. This "in-core" resmgr file should
          then be copied to the /stand/resmgr file located on the hard
          disk at this reboot stage.          

          It has been found that the "in-core" resmgr file is not copied
          to the /stand/resmgr file as expected. Thus, potentially all
          information stored in the "in-core" resmgr file could be lost.

PROBLEM:  I am dynamically assigned a remote IP number when I establish a PPP
          connection to my ISP (Internet Service Provider) or other host. I
          want to use that interface as my default route, but can't configure
          a static default route.

PROBLEM:  After making changes in dcu(1M), when I reboot the system I get
          the message:


                The UNIX Operating System will now be rebuilt to
                reflect recent configuration changes:

                Strike ENTER when ready
                or ESC to stop

          If I choose <Enter>, the kernel is rebuilt, then the system reboots
          and the process repeats.

          If I choose <Esc>, the system continues to boot without rebuilding
          the kernel.  In some cases, the system may function normally at
          this point.  In other cases, the boot process may fail with:

                unable to mount /stand

PROBLEM:  Per the SCO Openserver 5.0.4 Release Notes (page EN-51),
          I am trying to create Netware Loadable Module floppies.
          The instructions say to mount the 5.0.4 CD and extract
          the NLM images from the directory /images/nuc, but the
          /images/nuc directory is missing.