Help! EIDE 2GB drive @ LBA problems

Help! EIDE 2GB drive @ LBA problems

Post by Craig Lint » Wed, 08 May 1996 04:00:00

I'm looking to upgrade my system.  I just bought a Promise EIDE board
that handles the >504MB limit.  I want a dual or triple boot system
with win3.1 sco and maybe win 95.  Promise states in the literature
that UNIX does not want LBA enabled except for linux.  Does SCO
care? or does it want it turned off. Then I'm in trouble.  How do
you guys who have written about triple bootsystems with 1.6GB dirves
handle this??
REally need help, thanks in advance

Ed Kuczynski


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Hi All,

As a SCO newbie, I am having considerable problems trying to get SCO loaded
onto my machine.

The configuration is as follows:

Pentium Pro 200
amibios version 1.00.05.CS1

64mb Ram
2x Quantum Fireball 3200 eide Drives
1x 8-speed atapi eide cd-rom drive

The eide controller is imbedded on the motherboard.

The problem I am having, is trying to get SCO to recognise the fact that I
have a large drive.

I have played around with all of the cmos/bios settings for the hard
drives. It allows settings for CHS, LBA Extended CHS and Auto-Detect modes
on the disk. Only standard CHS seems to work. On making this selection SCO
thinks it has a drive with 1024 16 63 (500mb) settings, This even though
the manual configuration for the drive is 6232 16 63 (3gb)

I proceeded with the installation on this basis. Once complete, the system
now hangs when I try and boot from the hard disk. Somethimes it finally
gets going after about a 1 1/2 minute pause. When I run divvy of df -v,
sure enough it only reportts the 500mb. I would dearly love to be able to
use the balance of the drive.

I suspect that the problems stem from my incorrect setup of the drives in
the first place. I eventually wish to set the machine up with a small (say
300mb) dos partition on the front of the disk prior to the sco partition.

Help and assistance will be greatly appreciated and faithfully applied.

New Zealand

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