Free SCO network driver for NE/2-32 MCA network adapter

Free SCO network driver for NE/2-32 MCA network adapter

Post by z_kei.. » Thu, 28 Nov 1996 04:00:00

For the Free SCO OpenServer 5.0.2, I need to find a network driver for
a Novell Ne/2-32 MCA network card.  Is there one available anywhere, or should
I start writing my own.  I've created them for other unix's before, so if I'm
stuck writing one, does anyone have the format that SCO needs?  Thanks all!


1. KTI Networks ET/32 network driver for Linux?

Does anyone know where I can get a Linux driver for a KTI Networks ET/32 PCI
network card.  This isn't obviously supported in the docs (there is a KTI ET/16
mentioned but I don't see anything in the config files for it).

I don't even know if it is similar to another card (e.g. NE2000).  The
manual that comes with it is typically useless.

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
I don't speak for LBL; they don't pay me enough for that.

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