fixperm info (sco

fixperm info (sco

Post by Robert Niederm » Fri, 08 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I installed SCO from the November 1994 Compaq SmartStart CD.  
(This was a little peculiar in that in the fancy GUI mode I was in a big
"loop" that wouldn't let me install; ended up going to some non-GUI menu
to do it.)

Anyhow, several months later, I discovered that although I (as root)
could do everything I needed to do, all attempts to delegate privileges
(account management, etc.) failed.  Upon examination, many files have
wrong permissions/ownership etc. (per fixperm -n ...).

So I've been advised to run fixperm and let it fix everything.  2 questions:

1) Has anyone out there done this and is there anything I particularly
need to be careful about?

2) (Curiosity) Is this the typical result of a Smartstart installation or
did I do it wrong?

Respond here or email me.

Thanx In Advance,
Bob Niederman