SCO FastStart problem... wirtual domains

SCO FastStart problem... wirtual domains

Post by Adam Minows » Tue, 17 Jun 1997 04:00:00


I have SCO 5.02 with FastStart... I have big problem with adding virtual domains
When I tried to add new domain with admin util runnin on -Netscape 3.0 , domain
was phisically added on hd in /usr/internet/ip/<ip> but Internet Manager could
not end the request, and it hangs for eternity :) Later new dmain is shown on
main screen of Internet Manager but adding mailboxes ends with server error. I've tried to delete whole domain but InternetManager acts the same as for adding
domain... I've noticed that ns_httpd does not start after adding domain...
..huh... there's no ns_httpd directory in this faulty added domain.
Where is the problem? I must say that Internet Manager works fine earilier.
Any suggestions?


   Greetz - Adamski



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  I just installed teh SCO internet fast start on a p5-166 w/64 MB of ram
tuesday night, other than the nightmare of getting the BTLD for the
AHA-2940 to install and load right ti went well until I rebooted to load
up X, my mouse causes thethe GUI portion to completely lockup. I have an
alps toutch pad connected to a Cybex remote commander that then hooks to
the computer via a serial port, there is a DB-9 to 25 converter because
the computer has no 9pin serial ports right now. How do I go in a try and
change the mouse settings, and what actual drive should I use for SCO?
The alps comes with Win drivers but they are not needed unless I want to
use the extra buttons (which I don't care about) So basicly I need to
know how to reset the mouse. The faststart kit did not come with teh
OpenSserver docs so I do not have them to refer to. Please excuse my
unknowing but this is my first use of SCO (but not of *nix :)

(our news server at work is dead :(


  Jeff Claggett
  Network Systems Engineer
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