Max number of char in Message Queues

Max number of char in Message Queues

Post by Pamela Goldfa » Sun, 07 May 1995 04:00:00

Does SCO unix 3.2.4 have a limit on the number of characters that
can be buffered in the message queues.

I have the kernel paramters set as follows:

MSGMAP: number of entries in message map.
The current value is: 1600 (normally: 100)

MSGMAX: maximum message size.
The current value is: 2048

MSGMNB: maximum number of characters in a message queue.
The current value is: 130000 (normally: 4096)

MSGMNI: number of message queue identifiers.
The current value is: 50

MSGTQL: number of message headers (systemwide).
The current value is: 8000 (normally: 40)

MSGSSZ: number of bytes in a message segment.
The current value is: 8

MSGSEG: number of message segments in the system.
The current value is: 20000 (normally: 1024)

This should allow me to have 130000 or so bytes on any one queue or in
total, but I am maxing out at 65000 bytes.

Thanks for any info.


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I need to know how to determine the limits for number of processes
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I prowled around in smit and Info but had no luck.

thanks for your help

Oh. Does anyone know how to get Info to tell what manual to look in
to find the material being displayed on the screen?

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