rcmd fast, slow, slow, slow, fast, slow, slow. Again!!

rcmd fast, slow, slow, slow, fast, slow, slow. Again!!

Post by Bela Lubki » Thu, 12 Oct 1995 04:00:00

> Using SCO Unix TCP/IP r1.2.1, over thin ethernet the time taken to run a simple
> rcmd command varies greatly.

> The command queries a file and returns a stock figure. Locally the command is
> always instant  ie <0.5sec

> Using rcmd, I get these results

> Try 1       command takes  < 1 sec
>       2                                   > 6 sec
>       3                                   > 6 sec
> Wait 5 minutes
>       4                                   < 1 sec
>       5                                   > 6 sec
> Wait 5 minutes
>       6                                   < 1 sec

This is a bug in SCO TCP/IP 1.2.1; it is corrected by the most current
net382 SLS (ftp.sco.com:/SLS/net382*).  Quoting from its cover letter,

| 10. A new tcp driver (/etc/conf/pack.d/tcp/Driver.o) modified for
|     these reasons:
|     f. A possible six second delay is eliminated between multiple
|        invocations of rcmd or rcp.

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1. Tin newsreader, slow slow slow

err, this may, or may not be off topic.  i am using:

tin pre-1.4 release 19990927 ("Nine While Nine")
[UNIX] (c) Copyright 1991-99 Eain Lea.

usenet.xxx.edu InterNetNews NNRP server INN 1.7.2 08-Dec-1997
ready (posting ok).

and, yes, i do attend "xxx" univeristy. i never miss a class!

i'm just a lowly user :)  anyhow, when it reads a newsgroup, it has a
status type thing where it says 145674/4564324 like that.  it seems to
get a _huge_ portion right off the bat, then it slows to increments of
fifty.  i _could_ install tin on my linux laptop, but space is ver
limited.  and, what would be the point? i still need a connection to the
net. as a user, i use the version on my schools sun computers.  can
i get tin to work faster at bringing up a newsgroup?

otherwise, tin is neato :)

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