SCO OS 5.0 Keyboard Problem

SCO OS 5.0 Keyboard Problem

Post by Lucky Leavel » Tue, 19 Mar 1996 04:00:00

   Would oss424a be applicable here?  It was made available recently and,
according to the letter addressed ketboard lockups on fast (> 75MHZ
Pentiums using AMI BIOS.


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SCO OS 5.0 Keyboard Problem

Post by Stephen M. Du » Tue, 19 Mar 1996 04:00:00

$When they press the "Caps Lock" key many times in a row the server hangs
$right there and the only way to get out is to turn the power switch off...

   Hangs entirely, or just the console hangs?  Do any terminals or
network connections still work?  Can you cause this problem any way
other than sitting there beating on the Caps Lock key - as in, is
this something that would happen during normal activity (in which
case it's a high priority thing to fix) or does it work fine until
someone decides they want a blinking light show (in which case you
can probably buy some time to figure out the problem if you can just
stop the user from twiddling the Caps Lock key).

   There's a well-known keyboard patch for OSR5, but I'm not sure
if the symptoms match what you're describing ... you might want
to look it up in the FAQ and/or on SCO's Web site and see if it
sounds like it might help.  I don't think it will hurt, anyway,
to try it; I haven't heard of any harmful effects of applying
it ... so it's probably worth a shot.

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1. Keyboard Problem with SCO OS 5.0

My configuration: Mother Board Asus P120
                  AHA 2940
                  HD Seagate 1Go
                  CD Plextor 4X

When i press the <NumLock> key the keyboard stop. Only the keyboard
is off, i can start a shutdown by telnet.

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