Sendmail Headers

Sendmail Headers

Post by Robert Tollefso » Fri, 02 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I'm using Sendmail on SCO Enterprise 3.0
and when I send a message to someone, there
are two "From" lines in the header.  

Does anyone know why that second one appears
and how I can get rid of it.  It doesn't seem
to affect the operation of anything, but it is
a bit of a nuisance.  Thanks in advance.

Bob Tollefson


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this may be lack of info on my part but...

i have smtpd running on my box to recieve mail from the local network, then sendmail picks it up and sends it. in the 1st header i get something like this:

from UNKNOWN(, claiming to be "" via SMTP by tramp, id smtpdO21009; Wed May 29 07:24:53 2002

my question is why does it say unknown? named is running on the local network and that host looks up both forward and back...


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