Limiting FTP file access

Limiting FTP file access

Post by - bill » Mon, 21 Aug 2000 04:00:00

I have FTP setup for real users only.
I want to limit the files they can access to their home directory.
I read ftpaccess and don't see how (but, on the other hand, I only
understand part of the man page)

Actually, if possible, I would like to restrict each user to a defined
directory and it's subdirectories (for web page creation/updating)

Can this be done ? how ?



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        I have 3 pcs one HostA is connected to HostB which is linux
Router. HostB is connected to HostC which is windows machine. when i
type in internet explorer ftp://hostB i want to get ftp files on HostA
but currently getting files from HostB. How to disable HostB to display
its files and make HostA's files to be shown to HostC?
       HostA is
        HostB is
         HostC is
i am able to ping from HostA to HostC and viceversa now how to ftp?

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