Please help novice connect Sco 5.0.4 to ISP

Please help novice connect Sco 5.0.4 to ISP

Post by chri » Sun, 30 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Can anyone help me I'm lost!
Win95 and NT4 were so easy to set up for dialin to my ISP, Linux was a bit
more complex , Sco so far is darned impossible.
I have installed the modem drivers and can manually dial into my isp with
'cu -ltty2A dir' to communicate direct then typing in all the commands - so
I assume the modem is working correctly. I have followed the instructions
for setting up UUCP and Sco PPP but to be honest I really don't know where
to go from here!!
Exactly how do I get my modem to autodial my isp, negotiate a connection
then handover to ppp ??
 I want to be able to understand what is going on so please don't bamboozle
me with jargon!!


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Best readers,

I have a BIG !! problem setting up a ppp-connection with my ISP.
I already asked a question in this newsgroup, but til now i didn't
receive the
support i was hoping for.

Ok, i know i'm quite a newbie, but almost every (main) option available

I need a working UNIX(LINUX) ppp-connection for my studie so it is a
very important isue for me.

I send my modem setups, by the way modem (internal 14k4) works
great whitin W'95, so i doubt abouth any HAYES-setup is the problem.
(same settings when i do a AT&V)
I also tried to re-instal "Minicom" .....whithout any
succes..performance is the same...:-(  

Maybe a stupid question, but whitin Minicom doing "Q" means exit
whithout reset, is this the correct option.
Doing "J" is turning Minicom to the background, is this not a right
Anyway..., i tried BOTH options (quit by using "Q" and "J"), this might
be not the problem.


My modem's initialization:

"AT S7=45 S0=0 L1 V1 X4 &C1 E1 Q0"

The ppp "garbage" in Minicom-screen is stopping after the first row of
garbage, keep hangs and then disconnects


My modem-setup in Minicom:
The letters are the same as you find them in Minicom!!

A: ~^M~AT S7=45 S0=0 L1 V1 X4 &C1 &E1 &Q0 ^M

B: ~^ATZ^M


D: ^M


F: ^M


H: ;X4D^M



K: ~~+++~~ATH^M

L: ^M

M: 45

N: 5

0: 10





Ok, whats wrong with my Minicom?
When you reply, please donn't advice me reading FAQ's or HOWTO's, i
already read them all!!!

I recently tried to use DIP, an other dial-up communication program.
It's very difficult to understand how i must use it.
In the Install and help-files they talked abouth ip-up scripts and not
abouth ppp-on-dailer etc...
I'm using kernel 2.0 and maybe DIP cann't work only whithin an older
When you cann't trace this problem, please give me tips for an
Maybe you can explain me how using DIP..??

Please reply me also by E-mail, because i cann't read every day reading
this newsgroups.

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