SCO Calendar: Cannot List Events

SCO Calendar: Cannot List Events

Post by Chriseli de Ram » Thu, 10 Feb 2000 04:00:00

We have two SCO OpenServer 5.0.5 boxes -- one is the client and one is
the calendar server. The client server "Cannot List Events" on SCO Shell
but the events can be seen when you go into the Calendar App. The
calendar is running on the server side and can list events on the SCO
Shell.  I don't see any pertinent messages on /usr/adm/messages or
syslog on the client box. Anybody got any clue?



1. Calendar Mgr cannot create calendar in 2.3

After installing Solaris 2.3 I am having problems getting calendar
manager to work.  There was a bug in 2.2 that has exactly the same
 Bug Id:     1134529
 Category:  deskset
 Subcategory:  calendar
 Release summary: 3.2, 3.1, s493_fcs
 Synopsis:  cm 3.2 fails w/ Error in creation of calendar file

 Integrated in releases:  s1093_beta

but the fix that is offered does not work ! This involves making sure that
/etc/hosts has a short name in it (not a FQDN) and making sure that it
is read through nsswitch.conf - I am not using NIS, only DNS.

I suspect it may have to do with my hostname being a FQDN.  Sun don't know
they said it was fixed in 2.3 and are investigating.  Anybody out there
managed to get this working under similar circumstances.

Thanks in advance.

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