ICL (UK) hardware and SCO R5

ICL (UK) hardware and SCO R5

Post by joe mc coo » Sat, 03 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Has anyone any experience of installing and running SCO Open Server Host
R5 on an ICL Pentium 100 CD30i ?

Any advice would be appreciated.


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1. UK based Compaq/SCO reseller requires a SCO UNIX product specialist

Package to circa 40K, with share options, car allowance and benefits
for the right applicant.

Corsaire is a thriving computer reseller based in Guildford, Surrey,
UK, who are expanding their UNIX team.

The succesful applicant will have excellent SCO skills and be familiar
with integrating this with the Microsoft Windows environment. Good
team skills are essential, as willl be the ability to work
unsupervised for periods of time.

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