Driver for S3trio64V+ for ODT 3.0

Driver for S3trio64V+ for ODT 3.0

Post by Wolfgang Klin » Fri, 12 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Im looking for a device driver for a S3trio64V+ graphics board. None of the
manufacturers of such boards (HERCULES, miro, SPEA, elsa ...) has, as far as I
know, such a device driver. The only one I know of is "Accelerated-X 1.3" (a
programm for about 400 different graphic boards) but this programm cost nearly
$200 and I think it is ridiculous to pay just for a device driver an amount of
money that is higher then the price for the graphics board (~ $150) itself and
the other thing is that I dont need 400 drivers I need just ONE.
Perhaps anybody can help.





1. ODT 3.0 Device Drivers with ODT 5.0?

No one can possibly tell you much, not SCO or anyone else, since we don't
know if you are talking about drivers for a SCSI Host adapter, a sound
card, a video card, a serial port board, and whatever the case, the
manufacturer of the hardware, the model number of the hardware, and the
version number of the driver.


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