ODT 3.0 Device Drivers with ODT 5.0?

ODT 3.0 Device Drivers with ODT 5.0?

Post by Jean-Pierre Radl » Thu, 30 May 1996 04:00:00

Jerry Abramson writes:
> We are experiencing some problems with ODT 3.0 drivers being used with
> a 5.0 system.  It is unclear whether the 3.0 driver will work correctly
> with 5.0, and whether these drivers are actually supportted under
> 5.0.

> My gut is that 3.0 drivers may rely on old, obsolete, incorrect kernel routines that function differently or not at all under 5.0.

> Although, some of our 5.0 drivers don't work either, but these have
> never worked.

> The 3.0 drivers in question worked correctly on a 3.0 system under load.

> Official word from SCO would obviously be appreciated!!!

No one can possibly tell you much, not SCO or anyone else, since we don't
know if you are talking about drivers for a SCSI Host adapter, a sound
card, a video card, a serial port board, and whatever the case, the
manufacturer of the hardware, the model number of the hardware, and the
version number of the driver.



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Hi all,

Would you know where I might be able to obtain the device drivers for
MATROX MGA Millennium Video card for the SCO ODT 3.0 Operating System?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS If you could also E-Mail me with the info I would really appreciate

 * ALL opinions/statements are my own. *

Anil K. Sharma
Computer Sciences Corporation
Systems Engineering Division


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