Third IDE disk on 2-HD motherboard ?

Third IDE disk on 2-HD motherboard ?

Post by Joao Cardo » Fri, 05 Jan 1996 04:00:00


Can a third IDE disk be used on a motherboard that only supports
two HD (having of course a secondary HD controller)?

During `mkdev hd', `dparam' reads the CMOS, or reads directly the
HD, bypassing the BIOS?
And after that, where does the HD information is stored?

Does any hardware constraints exists in the motherboard, so as to
disable the secondary HD-controller?

I have too much 30-pins RAM to just exchange the mother-board for
a new one...

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1. Linux on a third IDE-disk

Try to get 'atdisk2' patches from :

If your only purpose is to make the 2nd DOS disk transparent from Linux,
what you have to do is to rebuild the kernel based on the above patches.
But if you prefer exchanging your Linux partition with 2nd DOS disk,
in addition you have to follow 'BOOTDISK.FAQ' inside of 'bootdisk'
subdirectory of slackware1.1.2 distribution to create bootdisk.

Personally, I prefer installing Linux partition to 1st or 2nd disk of
1ST IDE CONTROLLER. Though 'atdisk2' is an excellent pak, it isn't a
standard yet. I've read several people are working on this same project.

Hope this helped.


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