smtp mmdf not working for SCO 5.0 (send ok but not receive)

smtp mmdf not working for SCO 5.0 (send ok but not receive)

Post by baey see hi » Fri, 22 Mar 1996 04:00:00

SMTP with MMDF problem can send but cannot receive mail

I am trying to setup a mail system (MMDF) for 2 SCO machines (ver &
5.0) using SMTP on TCP/IP.

The TCP/IP are working fine between 2 machines.  Their machine names are
scoben & scobaey.  They are suppose to send and receive each other mail.  
The problem is scobaey ( ver ) can receive from the scoben ( 5.0 )
but the scoben cannot receive mail from scobaey.  I had search through the
SCO Support Desk and found similar error mentioned in the articles

   "MMDF's smtpsrvr error "421 <local_name>: Your name, '<remote_name>' is
unknown to us."  and " Mail failed. I get unknown user name or unknown
host/domain in mailbox"

I had followed the solution mentioned their and still could not solve my

Thus, I had attached the setting and some testing that I had go through:

In scoben :
        file : /etc/hosts
        file : local.chn
                scoben: scoben
                scoben.fsl: scoben
                scoben.UUCP: scoben
        file : local.dom
        file : smtp.chn
        file : mmdftailor;
                MLNAME "scoben"
                MLDOMAIN ""
                MSUPPORT Postmaster
                MDLVRDIR "/usr/spool/mail"
                MMBXNAME ""
                MTBL show="Local host's names", name=local, file=local.chn
                MTBL show="Root domain", name=rootdom, file=root.dom,
                MTBL show=" domain", name=localdom,                
                        file=local.dom, flags=domain, flags=partial
                MTBL show"nobypass aliases", name=alias-n, file=alias.n
                MTBL show="SMTP channel", name=smtpchn, file=smtp.chn
                ALIAS table=alias-n, nobypass
                MDMN name="root", dmn="", show="Root Domain", table=rootdom
                MDMN name="localdom", dmn="", show="
                MCHN show="Local delivery", name=local, que=local,    
                        tbl=local, pgm=local,ap=822, mod=imm
                MCHN show="Mailing list processor", name=list, que=list,
                        tbl=list, pgm=list,ap=same, mod=imm,
                MCHN show="SMTP Delivery", name=smtp, que=smtp, tbl=smtpchn,
                        pgm=smtp, ap=822, mod=host, confstr="charset=7bit"
In scobaey :
        file : /etc/hosts
        file : local.chn
                scobaey.UUCP:           scobaey
                scobaey:                scobaey
        file : local.dom
        file : smtp.chn
        file : mmdftailor
                MLNAME scobaey
                UUname scobaey
                MSUPPORT postmaster
                MTBL    auser,          file="alias.user",    show="User
                MTBL    lalias,         file="alias.list",    show="List
                        Channel Aliases"
                MTBL    alias,          file="alias.ali",     show="Local
                        Name Aliases"
                MTBL    local,          file="local.chn",     show="Local
                        Host Aliases"
                MTBL    smtpchn,        file="smtp.chn",      show="SCO
                        SMTP Channel"
                MTBL    rootdom,        file="root.dom",      show="Root
                        Domain",flags=domain, flags=partial, flags=route
                MTBL    locdom, file="local.dom",     show="Local Domain",
                        flags=domain, flags=partial, flags=route
                ;  Lets set up the aliases...

                ALIAS   table=alias,    trusted,        nobypass
                ALIAS   table=lalias,   trusted,        nobypass
                ALIAS   table=auser
                MCHN    local, show="Local Delivery", que=local, tbl=local,
                        ap=same, pgm=local, mod=reg
                MCHN    smtp, show="SCO SMTP Delivery", que=smtp,    
                        tbl=smtpchn, ap=822, pgm=smtp, mod=reg
                MCHN    list, show="List Processing", que=list, tbl=list,
                        ap=same, pgm=list, mod=imm, host="scobaey.UUCP",
                MDMN    "", show="Local domain", table=locdom
                MDMN    "Micnet", show="Micnet Domain", table=mndom
                MDMN    "UUCP", show="UUCP Domain", table=uudom
                MDMN    "",show="Root Domain", table=rootdom

                ;  Logging levels
                MMSGLOG level=FAT,size=20
                MCHANLOG level=FAT,size=20
                AUTHLOG level=FAT, size=20

It is ok to send mail from scoben to scobaey.
when scobaey send mail to scoben, I get the message of when I run command
deliver -w -csmtp open
        <-( 421 : Your name, 'scobaey' is unknown to me )
By following the solution provided from  SCO/ssl
In scobaey, I do
        1. checkaddr -w root@scoben it returns OK.
        2. telnet scoben 25 it returns "your name scobaey is unknown to me".
        3. telnet scobaey 25 it returns OK.
In scoben, I do
        1. checkaddr -w root@scobaey it return OK .
        2. telnet scobaey 25 it returns OK.
        3. telnet scoben 25 it returns "your name scobaey is unknown to me."

This is the first time for me to setup the mail system between sco os5.0 &  The
previous time I did not any problem setting up mail server between 2 sco machines.

I hope some guru could help to solve this problem.

Thx in advance.


smtp mmdf not working for SCO 5.0 (send ok but not receive)

Post by baey see hi » Sat, 23 Mar 1996 04:00:00

>SMTP with MMDF problem can send but cannot receive mail

>I am trying to setup a mail system (MMDF) for 2 SCO machines (ver &
>5.0) using SMTP on TCP/IP.

>        2. telnet scoben 25 it returns "your name scobaey is unknown to

Problem solved !
There is a solution provided from SCO ssl under the title :
"Error:"Your name, 'systemname'. is unknown to me using MMDF on 5.0"

Thanks to all that had suggested possible solution to me.


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