Mount a second fs with DOS

Mount a second fs with DOS

Post by Thomas R » Tue, 25 Nov 1997 04:00:00

How can i mount a second HD with a DOS partiton ?

Can i mount a third partition, too ?

When i use /dev/0sC SCO takes the first DOS (C:) partition, it's ok.
But /dev/1sC should be D: , but SCO takes C: (same as /0sC)
It can not mount /dev/0sD.

Please help, Thomas


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:       Probably, a simplest question...
:               How can I mount a DOS  file system with rw-rw-rw- flags?
:               I have /dev/hda2 mountd, but I can not write to this device.
:               I change de permission, (chmod 777), but does not work. I can do this in other directories.
:               WHAT HAPPENS??

Look at mount's umask option.

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