INN from

INN from

Post by Mike Fensto » Wed, 01 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Has anyone downloaded INN from and have it working?  I
downloaded it and ran 'make install' as directed by the file on  I know there are a lot of files to configure.  
Printed out the file.  Is there a starting point for me in
that instruction file where I'm supposed to start from?  If you have
downloaded the binaries from, can you tell me what you
had to configure after 'make install' to get INN working.



1. for what its worth.

Thanks to Vincent Risalvato of Net-Dimension-Media I have web space and
have started the index of SCO binaries.

The philosphy is; that to reduce loads on various ftp sites, individuals
upload their own GNU binaries to their own ISP's ftp site and inform me.

I update the index.

Then, when binaries are needed, the index is consulted, and the binary
obtained from the nearest ftp site.

The URL is

Currently only binaries at my own ISP are on the index.

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