Problems adding network card 3COM EtherLink III (3C509)

Problems adding network card 3COM EtherLink III (3C509)

Post by matri.. » Tue, 16 Jul 1996 04:00:00

After adding the network card 3COM (3C50) in the system (mkdev =

e3E and mkdev tcp). When trying telnet from another machine, i receive =

the following message in the console:

        WARNING: Soreceive: unexpected T_primitive 0

and i don't comunicate with telnet.

Thanks in advance.

                                                F=E9lix Pablo Grande Ramos
                                                Matrici S. Coop.


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I recently loaded RedHat 6.1 and then added a 3COM 3c509 etherlink III
card to the system. I went through both the gnome kernel config and
network config utilities to setup the interface. I have a cable modem it
is connecting to.

I can't ping my gateway, or do anything else for that matter. The cable
modem activity light comes on whenever I ping. I did an "ifconfig" and
it is shoing all IP configurations correct for eth0, no errors and
showing both TX & RX packets counting up. It appears to me that the
packets are going out, I'm getting responses, but linux is not
recognizing the return packet.

I've rechecked all the configurations and everything appears to be
correct. I even had someone ping me and I see activity lights on the
cable modem and using "ifconfig" I can see the RX packet count going up,
he just times out since nothing comes back to him.

Has anyone else had similar problems or no other things I might try?

Thanks in advance

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