Wanted: Local SCO Unix Support

Wanted: Local SCO Unix Support

Post by Maxwell Spangle » Fri, 07 Aug 1998 04:00:00

One Call Concepts, Inc. is seeking a local support resource for assistance
with its SCO OpenServer based UNIX systems (OS30, UX, and OS5.04.)

We are looking for a local resource located in the Washington DC /
Baltimore, Maryland corridor area.  Our offices are located in Hanover,
MD, near BWI airport.

We have a small number of systems running Openserver 3.0 and 5.04
that are to be used for mission critical purposes; A project is in
progress to upgrade an existing SCO UNIX system to OS5.04 for a
significant corporate accounting project.

Our existing internal support employee will be leaving the company soon
and we would like to obtain assistance in operating, supporting and
upgrading these systems through a local support resource.  We are open to
systems integration and professional services firms with SCO OpenServer
expertise, as well as independent consultants with the same knowledge.

We are requesting that any interested parties please email information

this time.
Maxwell Spangler, Software Developer, Greenbelt, Maryland, USA!SouthparkKCKSAS!


1. LOCAL/WANTED: Support NetDay


In the United States of America, preparations are under way for NetDay.
NetDay is a grass-roots effort to install the basic wiring required to
make classrooms network ready.

If Linux enthusiasts across the United States would participate in their
local NetDay and be prepared to follow up with assistance in creating
highly functional and reliable networks for our school systems, much
favorable publicity could be generated for the Linux movement.

This is an unique opportunity to expand the name recognition of Linux.

The following steps describe how you can help:

  o  Volunteer to help wire a school and wear a Linux T-Shirt to the event.
     Be prepared to discuss the benefits (and limitations) of Linux.

  o  Suggest that your Linux User's Group provide technical assistance
     while a school is planning for their NetDay.

  o  Contact a local Linux-based Internet Service Provider and request
     their support for NetDay.  Request that information about NetDay
     be included on their "News and Announcements" page.

  o  If newsgroups exist for your geographic region, post announcements
     of local NetDay activities.

For more information on NetDay or to volunteer, feel free to visit their
web site at http://www.netday.org.

Some guidelines can be found at http://www.li.org/NetDay-guidelines.html.

If you volunteer, please consider sharing your experiences and success

If you do not live in the United States, you may want to consider
organizing a similar project for your community.


Paul L. Rogers
+1 601 875 3779

Linux International

Linux International exists to promote the development and use of Linux
in order to establish it as an accepted operating environment.  Linux
International is a non-profit organization which is supported by the
biggest firms of the Linux market.

For more information, please visit http://www.li.org or contact

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