Kernel Relinking Error

Kernel Relinking Error

Post by Daniel R. Cay » Fri, 05 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Hello All.

I am running SCO V/386, Release 3.2 on a Pentium with 64MB RAM.
Over the past week, two changes have been made as follows:
1) PPP link configured
2) CD-ROM installed

When I try to relink the kernel I get the following
(self-explanantory?? NOT) message:

ld warning: memory allocation failure on (huge #)-byte 'malloc call'
ld fatal: run is too large and complex
ERROR: cannot link-edit unix

I thought it was just a problem with some kernel params but I have
not been successful in resolving this problem.   Any ideas?


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1. Kernel relink error

I have SCO OpenServer 5.0.4 installed on a Toshiba laptop.  The laptop has
two PCMCIA slots, (1 = Adaptec SCSI, 2 = 3C589 NIC).  Both were working fine
until I tried to change NIC cards.  Now when I relink UNIX I get the
following error:

undefined symbol                             first found in
firstinit                                                conf.o

Trying to go back to the original configuration of PCMCIA cards has had no
effect so far.  The driver for the PCMCIA cards is from tls619.tar.

Any help would be appreciated.

M. Allan Anderson
Gibbons, AB, Canada

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