PPP-how to setup ?

PPP-how to setup ?

Post by Jan Cig » Wed, 10 Jan 1996 04:00:00


        I need to setup PPP or Slip on our SCO- box, we need
a dial - out connection. How can I setup this ? I tried to configure
TCP-STreams, but it ever bombs.

                Thanks for any help    

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1. PPP Dial-in setup On Solaris 9 OE


I am running Solaris 9 on my Ultra 5/10 system at home. I have already set
up the modem on this system to be able to dial in and telnet remotely.
However I would like set  up PPP-dialin, so that I can open up multiple
telnet session when working remotely.

I do realize that I will have to set up a user for PPP log-in as well an IP
address to return back and start PPP daemon service.
I probably have already done all of these fundamental steps. But when I
tried to start "apppd" daemon, it says it started with a PID ID.
I cannot see it in the process table, nor can i query it ps -t <PID-ID>.

It just does not show the PID running.

Would appreciate if one can help me through the procedural steps or tell me
what I am doing right.
I have successfully set this up on other Unix platforms, and it works.

Hasmukh Daji

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