Perl Program to add/remove users on SCO (

Perl Program to add/remove users on SCO (

Post by Tom Jenki » Wed, 05 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Anyone heard of a program, written in perl (or shell for that matter) to add
and remove users under



1. Add/remove user to user group(s) in a script ??

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: > I would like to know how I would go about adding/removing a user
: > to some user groups within a shell script.  I want to be able to give
: > some of my users temporary group membership for a certain set of groups
: > so they can run an application. When they exit from that application I
: > would like to remove them from the groups they were previously added to.
: > The users would be running the script from their own account via a captive menu
: > so I suspect they would have to adopt superuser privileges in order
: > to execute the group addition and removal.
: >
: > Is this possible?

Why not just adjust the application itself so that it has SETGID
privileges?  That way, the users can be given execute permissions
on the app, but the app (and not the users separately) can create
or modify its files as appropriate?

Just a thought.

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