Looking for a Menu Making Program

Looking for a Menu Making Program

Post by Mike Dyc » Wed, 09 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Anyone know of any good menu making program for unix?  Specifically, I'm
looking for a program that will allow the user to change values of
variables, paths, etc in a nice looking manner.



1. Reg. Making Menu Driven programs in UNIX environment


            I am making an application in which I need to have a menu
driven interface.I am using Sun Solaris
OS.Also I do not want to use X-Windows to make the menu Interface.My
idea is to have menu interface which
is text based (like we have in MS-DOS env. by accessing the video
memory).Is it possible to access video
mem. in UNIX systems ?? And if it is not possible then how can I make
text based menu driven interface ??

To Summarise : 1) I want to know how the attributes of the text to be
displayed can be changed ??
                           2) How to access the info. written to the
screen (so that when a diplayed menu in closed
                                the original contents of the screen can
be restored.)

Thanks in advance.Please reply ASAP.

Dhananjay Shende

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