System Blowouts

System Blowouts

Post by j.. » Wed, 17 May 1995 04:00:00

We are trying to run with Enterprise 3.0.  Lately added a 56kb asynchronous
connection to a CSU/DSU via a Comtrol Rocketport.  Also added several more
dial-in lines.

Started having difficulties with processes* on the system (mostly
these were tcp/ip related). Netstat -m showed we needed to increase streams
configuration for 1024 class and we did.  Today the system console froze,
and all access ports including a directly connected secondary machine.
Nothing could login.  Turned the machine off and came back up. Restarted
everything and verified that netstat -m was clean; it was.  

Exited out of xwindows and ran /etc/scologin disable just to try using
startx.  Upon issuing the scologin disable all processes on the modem
port (including those in use) evaporated and each port had to be

This machine has never successfully rolled over processes.  Everytime it
starts approaching 25,000 or so it is necessary to re-boot to keep the
system from freezing up or processes*.  Any ideas on how to
troubleshoot what is going on would be greatly appreciated.


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