I am changing M/B and scsi controller from VLB to PCI

I am changing M/B and scsi controller from VLB to PCI

Post by nobod » Fri, 07 Jun 1996 04:00:00

 When I reboot the system with the new hardware, at the boot prompt I will

         Boot: disable arad link

 where arad is the driver for the VL Adaptec2840 scsi controller

         Then it will ask me to name the package to link to the system in
which I type alad(the name of the PCI Adaptec 2940 driver).  
         Then, when in to the system, I use custom to actially install the
package to the system and relink the kernel,  then I reboot(using "disable
arad") and the system should boot with my new alad driver then I use custom
again to remove the old VL arad driver and reboot.

         Is this correct and is there anything else I should be doing so that
SCO knows that the hard drive and tape backup is on the new adapter?



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I am about to get a 1 gig SCSI disk, and since I have no SCSI devices
at the moment, I need a controller too.  I am thinking BUSLOGIC 445C,
since that seems to keep Linux happy.  I have one VLB slot left, and
at least three ISA slots free.  I have heard that the controller can't
send more bits down the bus than can be sent on the ISA anyway, so a
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for the free VLB if not for the controller, but since I only have one
free and several ISA, why waste it.  I am interested in your opinions
(facts would be even better!).


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