tacacsd server running on SCO

tacacsd server running on SCO

Post by Julius Barat » Thu, 19 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Hi networkers,

I try to run tacacsd server on SCO machine to support CISCO router, but it
does not work correctly. I use xtacacsd from cisco ftp site and it works with
DEC Unix perfectly from first time, but when I compile and run on SCO it
can not resolve pasword correctly. It communicate, send debug info but no
answer to question where is a problem ... I expect that problem is in crypt_i
library, but I can not say on 100%. Please is somebody runs tacacsd or
xtacacsd demon on SCO (Open server 3.0 or 5.0) please send tip how to get it

Thank you


1. tacacsd & proxy server

 Hi! I'm looking for:

 - precompiled tacacsd for SCO
 - precompiled http proxy server (ncsa, apache or CERN)

 Another question:

 -The sendmail given with SCo Faststart delete last two chars in every mail
  ve send/receive and pop server has problem to serve big files *4 - 5 MB*
  Suggestions? thanx

 *Is there a precompiled sendmail 8.8.5 and popper/qpopper ? So I can
  replace my older files*


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