Longshine LCS-8684 with SCO Enterprise Server 5.04

Longshine LCS-8684 with SCO Enterprise Server 5.04

Post by Szczepan Knite » Thu, 07 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I have SCO Unix 3.2 rel. 4.2 and I use your LCS-8684  board.
I would like to upgrade my operating system to SCO Unix Enterprise Server
Do I need any extra drivers for SCO 5.04 to use my board?
If yes, are these drivers ftp-downloadable?

Are there any other known problems with using LCS-8684 boards with SCO

Best regards

Szczepan Kniter



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I want to use a Multi-User Expansion Board type LCS-8684 from Longshine =
under Linux. This version has 8 RS-232C channels for asynchronous =
communication and I cannot find any driver for this card. Does anyone =
know something about this card or anybody knows were I can find drivers =
for Linux.



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