CAP on SCO ODT 3.0

CAP on SCO ODT 3.0

Post by ni.. » Sat, 10 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Has anyone managed to get CAP (Columbia Appletalk) to compile and run
on SCO? I'd dearly love to be able to persuade my Mac to use the
printer and disks on the SCO box, but haven't had a lot of luck with
things yet.


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1. Windows in SCO ODT 3.0 and SCO 5

We are just now making client programmes that runs on PC's running
Windows x and has a SCO UNIX system as server (e.g. DB server).

These programmes we would like to also use unchanged in the Windows

My question is how far it is possible to regard the Windows "box" in the
ODT as being a Windows running on a remote PC.

Is it e.g. possible to let the programmes running in the Windows "box"
communicate with the SCO UNIX via a tcp/ip connection ? The reason we
need that is that we are using ODBC in the windows client programmes. If
it is possible how is it then done ?

Now we are using SCO ODT 3.0. In the near future we are going to use
SCO 5. Dows Windows run in the same way on these two systems or are
there many differences we should be aware of ?

Thanks in advance for any help

 -- Eigil Krogh Sorensen

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