*** Can anyone recommend a good web browser for OSE5 ***

*** Can anyone recommend a good web browser for OSE5 ***

Post by Jerry Heym » Mon, 10 Mar 1997 04:00:00

> Can anyone recommend a good web browser for OSE5

Define good?  Netscape 3.01 is available, as is Mosaic, lynx, and a I
believe Arena...

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1. Can anyone really recommend a good linux based web host?

Hi -

I run a few domains and have been repeatedly disappointed by my most web
hosting providers. I'm looking for a new one and don't mind spending well
above market for good no-excuses performance, along with responsible,
capable, and personal technical support. Just simple things like adding a
user on a typical community server can be maddening otherwise. Is there such
a thing out there? I'm beginning to wonder. Maybe you are doomed to be
helpless until you run your own server.

This is especially difficult for someone who can run their own server but
wants to avoid the cost and hassle.

Web hosting providers tend to have great prices and good features but
performance frequently slips with no explanation and no remedy. Efforts to
address this issue only result in bluffs and cop out but no real
explanations or fixes. Sign-up and set up is always easy enough.

When you need specific help after you did everything you could on your own
and reading their support docs the support stinks. This seems almost
universal. Your lucky if they read past the subject line. They usually
respond with some cryptic cut and paste that you already read in the support
docs and doesn't help. They always assume that your ignorant and there's
nothing wrong or you broke something. Of course you never get a name or
phone number so you respond in the blind. Then you get another similar if
not identical response from some other overworked, underpaid, isolated,
email slave that's equally useless. This can go on and on forever if you
don't make lots of noise. Even Yahoo store can be like this. There is never
a telephone support number.

Again I'd pay 5 times average market web hosting prices for good reliable
and verifiable no-excuses performance, real live support people with names
and phone numbers who can speak in real meaningful sentences and can read a
whole email in one sitting and maybe have the guts to ask a few more
questions to make sure they provide the right help.

Any suggestions that aren't sales pitches, please respond via email.

Max Bell

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