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Post by Jeffrey D. Ang » Fri, 30 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Another question for those out there.

I am running Open Server 3.0 on a 486 Compaq (*.)
I would like to see some sample files from those
of you running SMTP mail to a LAN (ethernet) and UUCP to the
"rest of the known universe" i.e. internet.

Oh, and please, I really don't need "Why don't you run smail

Thanks in advance.

ObFreeStuff: I ordered my copy of OS-Free-5.0, have you?


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1. question, I think...

Hi, (anti spam enabled - reply to kparker at cyberdev dot net)

This might be a big-time newbie question, but any help is appriciated.

If I have a machine with and (separate virtual
interfaces with their own separate ip addresses), is it possible to

If possible, could you steer me in the right direction - I'll catch the
details as long as I know this is the right way to proceed.  If there is
a different/better way to do this (other software, etc) I'd be happy to
hear suggestions.  Thanks!

Ken Parker
kparker at cyberdev dot net

Anti Spam enabled: please reply to kparker at cyberdev dot net.

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