Color-Problem with Informix-4GL 4.16.UC2

Color-Problem with Informix-4GL 4.16.UC2

Post by Bernd Dersc » Fri, 04 Jul 1997 04:00:00


I am using
I-4GL C and I-4GL RDS (4.16.UC2) on SCO-UNIX Open Server 5 (3.2v5.0.2

Problem in an Informix-4GL Application:

1. Open a window with an INPUT ARRAY - session.
   The colors of the "INPUT ARRAY fields" are different from WHITE    

2. Open a second window (above the first window) with an INPUT OR INPUT
   ARRAY - session.
   After the INPUT - session close the second window.
   Effect is, that the "INPUT ARRAY fields" of the first window now are
   all WHITE.

3. Best solution I found:
   Define all colors for the fields in the form-file. The effect is,
   only that field, with the cursor in it, change to WHITE. But this is
   not the optimal solution, because it is not practical, when I need
   different colors for the same fields in different situations.

Has anyone an idea to solve the problem?
Bernd Dersch




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