Making a boot floppy -- /unix too big

Making a boot floppy -- /unix too big

Post by Stephen M. Du » Sat, 02 Sep 1995 04:00:00

   Many of the SuperTar products come with recovery programs which
will do whatever they can to help here.  These are highly recommended,
both for backups and for emergency diskettes.

   One thing you can try is running strip against your kernel (if
you have strip ... I'm not sure if it's in the base package or
the dev sys).  You do NOT want your kernel stripped during normal
operation, as many useful commands like ps use the symbol table
in /unix (or whatever they think your kernel is) to allow them to
dig around in the kernel's data structures, but for an emergency
boot diskette a stripped kernel is way better than no kernel.

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1. Making a boot floppy -- /unix too big

   It's been a while since I messed with SCO.  I seem to recall earlier
   versions created a compact version of the kernel to fit on a floppy,
   but I'm not seeing it on Open Server 5.  When I ran mkdev fd it
   punted saying that unix was too big.  Am I remembering something that
   seemed like a good idea?  Or am I thinking of another OS?  

   How should I go about creating a small enough unix file to fit on the
   boot floppy?

   Sorry if this is an FAQ, but I didn't see it in the file and if there
   was anything about it in the documentation, I missed it.  

See OS Handbook P.73 paragraph 13. ".. you have two options for the
boot floppy disk ...". Maybe you check that again and save a generic

BTW: didn't test it, my kernel's still small enough, but: comes time
come bytes.


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