Is there 'ar' or 'ranlib' on SCO?

Is there 'ar' or 'ranlib' on SCO?

Post by Oussik Oganessi » Fri, 14 Jun 1996 04:00:00


I am new to SCO, so please excuse the dummy question - it is very urgent for me.

Is there 'ar' or 'ranlib' on SCO? I need to compile a program, but the make can't find them.  I fear, they are not part of SCO... Is there anything I can use instead?  How do you create libriries?

Thank you.

Houssik Hovhannisian


1. is there 'ar' or 'ranlib' for SCO?

Hi, can someone help me?

I need to compile a program on SCO UNIX, but the make can't find 'ar' and ranlib.  I have workd only  with Solaris before and don't know wether these commands are available on SCO.  Perhaps there is a third-party program which can be used instead?
Please help!


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